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Roofing specialists Findley are doing their bit to help ex-servicemen and women who have found themselves homeless. They have set up a 12 week training scheme to support people with a military background, by training them to develop skills such as painting and decorating. They can also learn some basic construction and maintenance skills whilst being provided with accommodation and meals throughout the programme at Stream Valley Farm. Unique Scheme Set Up By Findley Roofing to House Homeless Ex-Services Personnel
The Homeless Ex Serviceman Programme (HESP) is a unique scheme that looks to give back to those who have served our country. The CEO of Findley Roofing, Grant Findley believes that the training programme is the perfect way to help our heroes get back onto their feet.
Soldiers and other services personnel can often struggle to get jobs as civilians. This can turn into a catch-22 where they can end up homeless due to not being able to find work. The HESP targets this group of people that are in massive need of help, to start rebuilding their lives.
As well as setting ex servicemen up with valuable new skills to help them to find jobs, Grant Findley also believes that they can make perfect employees for his own business.
“Ex servicemen are hard working people who sometimes just need a break and some support. I have seen first hand through my voluntary work at Grainger Street Friends soup kitchen just how many ex servicemen and women need our help. And it is not a one-way street, as employers we know that we are getting employees with a really strong work ethic to help drive our company forward.”
The new scheme was piloted last year and has already seen success through the employment of an ex-marine, who now works full-time at Findley Roofing. Findley feels passionately about the project and is hoping that he can encourage other businesses to support the scheme. When it launches this summer, it is set to operate in the North East but Grant thinks it has the potential to be successful across the country.
Sales and Marketing Director Tony Finnegan, who works closely with the trainees on the programme said, “It is terrible that we are seeing such high levels of ex-servicemen living on the street. In fact, 1 in 10 homeless people are ex-forces and it just shows that they aren’t getting the right support when they leave. The people we have worked with on the scheme are incredibly hard-working and just want to be given a chance to earn a living. That really needs to be addressed nationally and we hope that by funding this training programme, we can help as many people as possible.”
To help the trainees to adapt to their new surroundings, their rooms are set up like army barracks and the scheme works around the routine-based principles that ex-forces people become accustomed to.
If you would like to find out more about HESP, or would like to make an enquiry on behalf of someone who might benefit from the training scheme, please call 0191 4173422 or visit their website at:
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