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A stunning refurbishment project in Hertfordshire has used Bespoke Walk-on Flat Glass Rooflights from JET Cox on its beautiful new roof terrace. Bespoke Walk-on Flat Glass Rooflights from JET Cox chosen for Maylands Building
The Maylands Building at Diamond Point in Hemel Hempstead is part of a massive regeneration project carried out by main contractor Galliford Try. It offers almost 141,000 square feet of state-of-the-art office space, complete with lounge areas, cafes, gym and shower room facilities, and a public roof terrace complete with green roof.
Working closely alongside Galliford Try and Martin Edwards Architects, JET Cox designed a bespoke Flat Glass Rooflight system, which was installed by JET Cox to the lower section of the new terrace area. It comprises a total of 5 rooflights, both circular and rectangular, which will provide a source of natural daylight into the main reception space below, complementing the building’s environmental and healthy working ethos.
With Pedestrian access being a key function of the terrace the decision was taken to provide the highest categories of glass performance for the units to ensure the safety of terrace users.
The installation posed a number of technical challenges including multiple glass specification investigations at design stage and the tricky navigation of the rooflights, 50m over part of the main roof that had weight restrictions.
Jet Cox Sales and Specification Manager, Steven Rumble, comments: “The Maylands Building project was a success for a number of reasons. All parties involved formed a great working relationship and despite the technical challenges, the outstanding team-work enabled us to deliver the project on time and within budget”.
With the capability to meet almost any brief, Jet Cox have extensive experience in the production of bespoke rooflight systems that fit sympathetically into any building. Custom bespoke products are available in glass, solid polycarbonate or multiwall polycarbonate and can cater for all applications from residential to retail, private buildings to public buildings.
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